Anton Hartman with a great Orange River largemouth yellowfish. Photo by Anton Hartman, talented multi-tasker extraordinaire.

Yesssssir! A fresh fly fishing film on the mighty largemouth yellowfish of the Orange River.

Social media works a charm sometimes. You see a great promotional photo or a short teaser clip of an impressive fish or a stunning destination and think “hier kom ‘n ding’. If it’s a species close to your heart or if the footage is that good, it wedges a spot for itself in your brain. As the time to launch draws closer and closer, the anticipation builds until you are positively chomping at the bit, thinking ‘Show me the bloody film already!’

Ja…that’s been our sentiment as the film in question, The River of Diamonds, has dragged closer to launch. The guys behind it are videographer Richard White and Rhuan Human of Fishtube and Wildfly.

The good news is that the film launches this Friday, the 24th of March on the Vimeo on Demand platform. To view the full 20 minute film simply sign up HERE with a name, surname and email account and you will receive a promo code to view the film for free. Or you can rent it for $2.99 and buy it for $5.99. Your call. Rafting down remote stretches of the Orange River in search of massive largemouth yellowfish – what’s not to like?

Check out the trailer above to convince yourself.




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