The Trojan Worm

The Trojan Worm

I have a horrible habit of striking too soon in highly visual encounters.  Carp have made me realise this.  I think they’ll also help me fix this.

On Wednesday I decided to take my rod to work and sneak out for an urban carp mission.  The first fish I presented to reinforced this to me.  Not only did I strike too soon, I struck like it was a 30 kilo GT and ended up hooking it in the face.  After a 20 minute hiding the hook pulled.

But the urban slime bones had a treat in store.  I presented to a fish that absolutely charged the fly.  I set the hook (slightly too hard again), and the fish flew across the shallow bank, white water everywhere.  It was one of my all time favourite eats. The fish even managed to wrap me in a plastic bag and stick or two before making it out.  I absolutely loved it.

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The fly I fished was invented the night before.  After fishing with Leonards bloody squirmy I figured there had to be a better way to fix it to the hook that wouldn’t pinch the fragile material (which causes all the breakages).  After attempting to thread a few on a hook I had an idea.  A condom!  After a rather awkward trip to the supermarket I returned home, wiped the lube off (yeug) and trimmed it into thin strips.  I wrapped the squirmy to the shank with this.  Quite happy with the result, and it seems the carp are too!

Trojan Worm fly
Trojan Worm Fly


one of leonards condoms (not sure if this was used to tie a fly)
one of leonards condoms (not sure if this was used to tie a fly)



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  1. Love this Pete…. Innovating as always… so glad you’ve finally turned your fly tying mad scientist skills to Carp finally…. means we all get to benefit from your new flies!!
    I’m putting a couple Trojan Worms into action this weekend…


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