The Vaal River has been firing of late. Parys-area guide Anthea Piater shows us what she packs for a great day out fishing for smallmouth yellowfish. Here’s a run through her basics.


I’m currently using the Reel Fly Fishing TechNymph 10’ 3-weight. It’s lightweight which helps prevent fatigue, and the extra sensitive tip is great for protecting thin tippet and for detecting every bump and bite. It’s extremely flexible and a proper workhorse for hauling in big fish and has stood the test against some challenging carp and cat fish which sometimes surprise you with a take while targeting yellows.

Reel and line:

My go-to reel is a Shilton CR3. I love the large arbour as it helps with quick line retrieval when fighting a speeding fish and it’s durability is perfectly suited to the harsh conditions of the Vaal River. I pair it with the Vision Ultra Light Nymph Line which, besides keeping the whole setup light, has a braided core which is a necessity for fighting yellowfish.

Wading boots:

Don’t underestimate the necessity of a good pair of wading boots on the Vaal. Felt soles are preferable as they have better grip than Vibram, especial when wading through salad. I’m currently using the Korkers Buckskin Mary, that come with interchangeable soles. They have high ankle support and extra padding in the sole, which is a game changer when wading long hours through the river. My boots are paired with a set of Orvis neoprene gravel guards which help to keep the grit out.


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