The weekend that was

The weekend that was

It was about this time last year that the famous prawn walk happened in the Garden Route, so it was time I headed up to check.  Funny enough I even bumped into Ian, both of us severely disappointed by what hadn’t happened.

I spent Saturday on Goukamma and Sedgefield.  Both were absolutely littered with fish.  Luckily I was on the SUPfisher, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.  They were all just sitting in the channels, high up in the water column.  It gave me the sense that the spawn hadn’t yet happened, and that these fish were preparing to go out to sea.

So there I was, drifting in front of decent size Kob and Grunter, trying to drop all sorts of flies on their noses.  They were not interested, at all.  Even the bait fisherman on the banks eventually packed up and left, not knowing what I was up to and seeing.

It will all happen, but not yet.



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