There’s always another river, somewhere

There’s always another river, somewhere

Trawling the Net in an effort to dig up some gems for a commission on ‘lesser known’ hikes I unearthed this: “The valley section of the six-hour circular will see you criss-cross an unspoilt river system, characterised by deep pools.”

This, less than an hour from where I sit. What lives in those ‘pools’ – if they even exist? The 3WT is definitely coming along on the ‘research’ trot.

Perhaps way more valuable than this possible discovery, was that it reminded me of my favourite travel/fishing show of the late 90’s.

‘A River Somewhere’

Remember that? I forget whether it aired on what was the Travel Channel back then, or Discovery, but I was devout!

The soundtrack, the long (sometimes very long) mission – often by some peculiar means – of getting to a particular river. Really it was more of a travel show where they happen to fly-fish. The Aussie drawl. It was all gold. Best of all though, that self-depreciating humour I believe lies at the heart of all good travel (and fishing) tales.

Now, we have Youtube… Here then, is Tom and Rob in episode one of the first series. You’re going to need some wine:

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