Three sheets is the story of an exploratory trip undertaken by a small Simms sponsored crew into the Belizian outback during lock down. Something I spent a lot of lockdown time day-dreaming about while staring out window wondering if the world would ever be ok again.

I really enjoyed it and you can feel the fun had by everyone involved. Its shot like a music video, but kind of left me wanting for more fish porn. Which is weird, because I moan more about movies that are just fish porn.

You can feel the stoke of the fish landed and the timeline alludes to the work put in for the results, but that’s the only hint of adversity outside of the mention of the team dynamics or dodging coral heads. As is often the case, the humble stinky Barracuda is the star of the show. I guess the specifics weren’t the goal here, but the technicalist in me would have almost preferred to spend 15 minutes watching permit or parrots tail on and reject flies, with the eventual success.

Was it over edited? Does it feel like a highlight reel? Should it have shown a Geofish Volume 1 perspective of operating in a country that really struggles economically?

Its fun and I love it for that.

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