Time to Explore

Time to Explore

Qatar. A strange mix construction, space-age architecture and sand. There’s also the Arabian Gulf on my doorstep. The move is, for the first time in my life, one based on finances and not lifestyle or location (read: availability of surf and fish). However, I find myself doing what I love for a salary that affords saving, travel and even some life style.

It’s been a hard move; leaving friends, family and the green mountains of the Cape – and its fish and wave filled waters. Stream season has opened. Summer is coming and kob and grunts are beginning to move. But I’ve always been one for a challenge and an adventure.

corniche FJD_1001

I now have Oman – Ray, we’re on for Dec – , India, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ethiopia and even Uganda on my doorstep. But before that, there’s the Qatari coastline to explore.

And there is at least fishing potential here. I spent Saturday morning strolling along the Corniche – Doha’s version of the Promenade in Sea Point, Cape Town. What it lacks in reef breaks and beautiful people in tight fitting running gear, it makes up for in high rise buildings and tailing Bream. The new friends I was walking with have judged me strange I was continuously peered into the tropical water from the paved walk way.

Why on earth do you so excited about a few fish???

If you have to ask, you’ll never understand!

Not much green...
Not much green…

The Qatari coast line is about 550 km. It’s small. My research in terms of shore based fishing has yielded minimal results. Part of me is super excited by this. There seems to be quite a bit of blue water fishing but that I’ll get exploring that later. Right now, its inshore. The bream I saw cruising the Corniche were decent sized and in the city centre. There must be fish elsewhere. Especially in the NW and SE.

Google Earth has revealed areas of flats, mangroves and lagoons. Time will tell if there’s any decent fish lurking in those areas!

nw coast
An empty NW coast.
western islands
West coast flats
inland sea
The lagoons of the Inland Sea – this is the spot in the cover pic (see top of post)

And some guys having fun with Queenies on SUPS:

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about Qatar, possible moving to either Oman or Qatar in the next year or two


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