Trekking for Browns

Trekking for Browns

There are many hidden gems nestled in the mountains from the Northern Cederberg to otherside Baviaanskloof. In fact there are cheeky, hard to get to brown streams in most of Africa’s mountains! Next year I hope to find a couple in Ruwenzori’s – but a whole other story!

My brother and I went trekking up one recently. It’s a stream I’ve gotten to know well over the years. It’s temperamental, dangerous and difficult. It’s not the stream that you’re just going spend a day on quickly.

Boetie has hiked it a few times over the years too, but this was the first time we got to do it together.

We’d planned to spend a few days up the Kloof but the weather decided to play other games. We had walked in with sunny skies and after 5 hours of getting cut to ribbons we found ourselves at Hammock Camp. We fell asleep to a sky full of stars despite the bright full moon. However we woke early up to a heavy dizzle. Up here you don’t take chances so we cut our stay short and trudged out early.

We did, however, manage to get several hours worth of fishing in before the long trudge back.

Seems it was worth the call, the next day we got a call from a friend who farms close by to say that it was raining heavily. And up there this early in the season, heavy rain means an unscheduled helicopter flight home!

Enjoy the photos… Click on the thumbs for better view!

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  1. beautiful, thank you.
    I need to dig out my pictures from the 80s and write up some stories.. miss that river.


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