Plans for a lazy Sunday? We highly recommend watching Tribal Waters, the new fly fishing film from Patagonia.

What’s it about?

Short answer = The Wind River, the people who live along it (the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes who live in the 2.3 million-acre Wind River Indian Reservation which has some of the best fishing in Wyoming) and their battle for those waters.

Longer answer = no matter where you live in the world, Tribal Waters brings up a lot of issues that need our attention as anglers, voters and bog-ordinary inhabitants of a planet that is not in great shape. In telling the history of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho peoples, Tribal Waters tells the story of water scarcity, colonial land abuses, predatory industry, environmental degradation and a whole lot more. Comments like, “Agriculture is king when it comes to water in the West” and, “You either grow it or you mine it” could be transplanted to every continent and still ring true. But it’s a story that doesn’t just lament problems. It shows that when we start to shift our mindsets to see revenue coming from above ground instead of underground, there’s a bright sustainable future too.

Produced with Indifly (the non-profit who have also got involved with Arapaima conservation in the Amazon and are working with African Waters in Lesotho), Tribal Waters is one of those rare films that tells a story (brilliantly we might add), shows us how things can actually be better on our planet if we look at the bigger picture and yes, there’s some brilliant slow-mo fishing action too.

Check out the trailer here, or just kick back and watch the full film below (49.50 run time).


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