Trout listing update

Trout listing update

For those interested parties, here is an update on the trout listing within the NEM:BA regulations in South Africa:

“FOSAF NEWS – Latest news on NEMBA and the regulations & AIS listings for trout.

FOSAF and Trout SA note that the Minister of Environmental Affairs has published the Lists and Regulations on Alien and Invasive Species. Rainbow trout and brown trout have not been listed at present.

This is because the approach to regulating trout is still being discussed between the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), FOSAF and Trout SA.

FOSAF and Trout SA welcome the decision to postpone the listing of trout.  We applaud the efforts of Government at national and provincial levels to fast-track and build an enabling environment for aquaculture as part of the National Development Plan.  This has facilitated recent discussions between the DEA, FOSAF and Trout SA and other interested and affected parties, in Durban.  We also welcome the opportunity to further discuss and refine the in-principle consensus regarding the AIS Regulations and trout that has emerged.

We remain committed to finding a workable and simple set of solutions aimed at achieving self-regulation and audited compliance.  It is important that such a solution will address the concerns of the parties and must provide an enabling environment for a sustainable trout-based aquaculture industry together with its full value chain in South Africa.

Ilan Lax

National Chairman: FOSAF”

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