It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the one pattern that stood out on the trip involved spun foam.  We just cant seem to get away from it lately.  Whether its hydraulics on the tail created from the foam or some other underwater phenomenon – there is something about it that just works.

I spent the bulk of my time fishing big flies in deep water looking for Dragons, but I did borrow a Tuscan Bunny in the working colour combo from Gareth on the second last day, which almost immediately got eaten by a massive Smallmouth Yellow which broke me off (well technically, I GT struck again and broke it off).  Roger Upton who I shared a boat with had confirmation on this fly on day 1, and stuck with it the entire trip.  If there was an XL Smallmouth anywhere within range, it ate, and ate well.  Going through the pictures I actually don’t have one of the fly outside the hatch.

What made this more interesting to me was the particular colour combo of these Tuscan Bunnies that worked, tied by Murray Peddar.  They contained a green spun foam head with Klipspringer (I tink) collar and then a craft fur and bunny tail.  Wouldn’t be my first choice of colour combo, but it out fished all the other colours.  Below had the deer hair collar in olive, and just didn’t seem as effective as the brown collar.



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