Uganda Planning – First Thoughts

Uganda Planning – First Thoughts

As with any DIY trips, lots of planning is required. I like DIY for several reasons: It’s an adventure, it keeps my mind on big fish while planning, I meet new people, I’m constantly reminded of the generousity of people with their hard won info. Oh, and there’s nothing better than hitting success after putting in the hard research and work. Because guide rates are normally way out of the budget I tend to rely on willingness of others to share information and provide guidance at nominal rates of a returned favours and beer…

So for the past while I’ve been reading, digging, hassling and am very thankful for the generosity I have experienced.

The focus of our trip will not be fishing – believe it or not – but the summiting of Mount Stanley in the Ruwenzori Range. At 5109m, it’s Africa’s third highest mountain (higher than any peak in the Alps) and despite being virtually on the equator, is high enough to support glaciers and have year round snow.

A lovely afternoon stroll 🙂

We’re also keen to say hello to our furry neighbours – Gorilla’s are still found in the jungles of the Ruwenzori’s and while they are critically endangered, are one of Uganda’s major tourist attractions. It’s a bit like visiting South Africa not trying to see the Big5!

But fishing is on the list and there is quite a bit of potential. Possible fishing opportunities are as follows:

1. Ruwenzori Browns. Rumour has it that there are still a few browns in the streams that run out of the melt of the peaks of the Mountains of the Moon. I’ll defs have a few nymphs to drag through the high altitude pools. They were stocked through fish farming practices that took place before the

2. Ripon Barbel. Much like our yellowfish. Research still happening.

A Ripon Barbel on fly from the Nile above Murchison falls.
A Ripon Barbel on fly from the Nile above Murchison falls.

3. Nile Perch. This is the big one and will be my focus. #12, big brush flies. It’s going to feel like fishing for big tropical reef species, except in a river in the middle of Africa!

A decent Perch on fly. Pic:
A decent Perch on fly. Pic:

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