Wade Caranx (first impressions) Review

Wade Caranx (first impressions) Review

With the impending Blue Fin season in the Med fast approaching, Fabien ordered himself the new Wade reel in size CARANX.

Seeing as I played middleman in terms of shipping, Fab was happy for me do some dissection of the reel that has everyone talking.

First impressions are good.

The Type 3 anodising gives a rough feel in hand, much like I’d expect from a reel developed in the salt and sand of the Seychelles for tough environments.

My first was that the design was a bit dated. But once in hand, it wasn’t. The cut of the vents compliments the gunmetal Type III anodising and has classy feel to it, while the blue drag disc gives it a sexy undertone.

I spooled some line onto it and tested the drag. Cranked up without forcing the knob, I got around 12lb of pressure. Doesn’t sound like much? Don’t be fooled, it’s a bag load! I was a little worried to note that when cranked full, the drag knob was a little tight to loosen – but this may well loosen as the reel wears in.And to be quite honest I’ll be surprised if you ever need to crank it up that tight. Plus some palming will add lbs to the drag.

The drag system itself is nothing new. It’s very similar to the Shilton and Abel systems – which are simple and effective and don’t really need improving. The Wade has a good area of cork and the startup seems smooth enough. The bearings seem well enough sealed by solid O-rings.

Concerns? Possibly of sand in the clicker – I abuse my gear! So if you’re prone to dumping reels in the sand, keep your screwdriver and a fresh bottle of water with you.

The question I ask about any reel – would I risk a lifetime fish with it?

The answer here is a resounding YES.

And the price is very right too…

Check them out here: WADE REELS


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  1. Hi Fred, can you recommend the Wade Caranx for Bluefin Tuna? Do you have any experience with the Hatch Finatic 12+? Which one is better? An can you let me know, if the Wade is also available as a left hand model, or if it’s possible to change from right hand to left hand?


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