When the Gangsters move out the Hood…

When the Gangsters move out the Hood…

Some of you may remember a little while back I wrote a little piece about the Gang Life of Urban Carp ( http://themissionblog.com/?p=9897 ) and the thuggery and all the shenanigans that go along with it…. The dirt, grime, sketchiness and everything else that goes along with chasing Ditch Bitch Mudbones in those environments is what made it all so entertaining, challenging and addictive….


But what happens when a Ghetto Thug signs a record deal, and his track starts dropping big numbers on iTunes… The money starts rolling in, the Bentleys get bought, the Crystal starts flowing and the Ho’s start lining up…. and then… Well then you get the fuck out the Hood!! Ain’t no bangers with bucks still living in Compton, Inglewood, Brooklyn or Queens when they can afford houses in Beverley Hills, or the Hamptons….

And such is the way with our Ghetto Ditch Bitch Mudbones… some of those thugs make the move out the ‘Hood, to cleaner waters, with a bit more real estate to play in, with space to stretch out, grow old, collect gold…

Platon prospecting some very “Un-Ghetto” waters… we’ve nicknamed this little stretch “The Test”…


In my schizophrenic obsession with these fish, I’ve split my time between chasing true Ghetto Thugs in the urban environments, and searching for greener pastures to hang with them…and found some pretty places to chase ugly fish… Fellow Ghetto Heads Platon and Leonard and myself have had some fun with them all in recent weeks….


In a complete flip around from dirty water, gritty environments, we’ve started connecting with some amazing fish in some almost idyllic environments ( by Mudbone standards anyway ) over the last few weeks… with good success… this fishing has become more akin to chasing shallow water bonefish than the normal dirty water Carp…. shallow clear sandy bottoms, moving water, and actively feeding fish… But being the fish they are, which I swear are part Permit somewhere in their demonic little minds, this by no means has made them easy targets… the clear thin water makes them as wary as an old bridge dwelling Brownie, and as selective as any fish that swims… Long accurate casts, subtle presentations,long light tippets and  the ability to read a fish’s minute body language and reaction are all essential elements in getting these fish to eat.. But when they do, having a 10lb Mudbone  eat on a long cast, then scream off in water only just covering its back and putting you into your backing in a split second is a sublime experience…. Definitely makes one realise that  no matter how much street creed you loose with your Homies, getting out the ‘Hood is a fucking great idea sometimes….

Carp 5
Platon and Dre into an early morning double header…


Pla with a gangster that dropped his gold chains for some gold scales…
Oh yeah, Carp only live in dirty water….


Carp 4
Dre with a fin perfect slice of Gold

Another thing about fishing in upper market areas, is that you also have the chance of bumping into a few more upmarket neighbours ….

A little mud bone by catch…

I had the pleasure of fishing with Leonard  2 weekends back, where he put on something akin to a Carping Masterclass… evidently this man has refined his skills past the Hood Rat levels that I possess, and moved up in class, cause he out fished me 6-0!! Either that or he dipped his flies in Kool-Aid!

But hey, at least I got to play cameraman for a bit….

Leonard with one of a half dozen golden suckaface’s…


Early morning mud muffin…


A solid shallow water model for Leonard thats masquerading as a Largemouth Yellowfish in this split screener…


Not many places one can fish to fish like this, in water like this….


Carp 11
Pla with another fin flexing suckaface


Carp 8
Dre panning for gold.
Carp 2
Fin perfect, fat and happy… Carp’s pretty nice too..


Suckaface Selfies



Scales over Spots bitches…


Gold Bar from “Taxi Ranks”…
“Oh hi there, you’re not a Carp… but I’ll take ya anyway!”… Good neighbours make good fences… or good fun anyway!
“Fistful of Dollars”….


Little up and comer…..

2 thoughts on “When the Gangsters move out the Hood…”

  1. Seiieeeckkk!
    Sieeek pics mate of some pretty sieck feesh!!!

    Me en you gonna have to do a Dryve Bye!!!

  2. Thanks to Dre and the china’s…this is an addiction I am glad to brag about…who would have thought.


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