If you asked me where I’ve been fishing I’d be forced to tell you a white lie…”Boland area…” pretty much sums it up. Don’t get me wrong, the Boland has exceptional carp fishing. Those private farm dams where cattle wade seem to produce the biggest fish, naturally.

Spot the fish (2 x big carp feeding under floating plant material)…Large carp have finally come out of the deep water to feed in the warming shallows after a long, cold and wet Western Cape winter.

While carp have a taste for cow dung (and grow bigger in nutrient rich water in general), like catfish, they also seem to be attracted to bird droppings? Or so I thought after landing several nice fish on a new white CDC micro carp jig (i.e., the Guano Fly)…Jokes aside (and although you may find carp feeding hard under those white-shat bird roosts), carp really do seem to take interest in small white flies.

After landing a real pig on a new white CDC micro carp jig last Sunday I will definitely be playing around with white patterns more (besides the white Falloon, and various other colours as well for that matter – I remember catching the odd carp on chartreuse bass worms in my teens and have also caught the odd fish on a chartreuse fly, another colour that I’ll be focusing on more).

Greedy carp definitely like the Guano Fly
The Guano Fly: It is that little white number at the top that’s been killing it!


First fish on the Guano Fly, short but fat like a rugby ball. Get that handy larger-than-usual floating landing net from StreamX.


Greedy carp definitely like the Guano Fly
Greedy carp definitely like the Guano Fly…


We all know catfish love lying under bird roosts (those trees covered in white bird droppings), so it wasn’t surprising when this cat ate the little white CDC micro carp jig that Greg Glazer dangled in front of its nose…

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