Who is Miss Vokey?

Who is Miss Vokey?

Actually I bet you already do know who she is. Don’t lie, you do. Every gent of the younger generation who calls themselves a fly fisher and partakes in the general culture of the sport has heard of April Vokey. If fact, I bet you’ve had look at her blog and photos and wished that there were more out there like her.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog. It’s an honest, catchy and interesting look into the life of a lady fly fisher who, as far as I know, has been the first since Joan Wulff to really challenge the norms of our generally male orientated sport. She’s sold the sport to ladies the world over through her FlyGal brand and made it accessible and quite normal for girls to flyfish.

You want to cast like this... So do I!
You want to cast like this… So do I!

Don’t misunderstand me, April is not the only lady out there showing up their male counterparts on the waters of the world. Paula Shearer keeps popping up on Instagram (@paulashearer) and writes her own blog. Whitney Gould is another lady spey casting with the best of the men. And there are many others, just hit google. And it’s a great thing – it keeps us lads on our toes and provides a unique perspective into our sport. As South Africans we are rarely treated to having a lady on the river or lake, casting alongside us. Here’s to hoping this changes before I’m too old!

April has recently done some video work for 60 minutes of Sport on some American TV channel and also teamed up with Vantage Point Media to make Landed which will be released at the Fly Fishing Film Festival next year.

So for a little closer at who Miss Vokey is, here’s the Landed Trailer:

April catches big fish.

and 60 Minutes of Sport:

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