Win a Custom Small Stream Rod

Win a Custom Small Stream Rod

Okay, so I normally would not get involved with advertising competitions (I’d enter and keep it quiet in order to up my chances!) but this, I feel, is a worthy one.

Friend, fly fisherman and rod builder Mario Geldenhuys’ son, Logan, has been invited to attend the upcoming 3rd Biannual Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family International Championship in Rotterdam, Netherlands in October this year. Now, I don’t know much about the martial arts but I do know about the importances of a youngster being exposed to a high level of competition and think it would not only be great to see this lad competing overseas but also fantastic for him to meet other children from all over the world – you just don’t get that in a classroom!

Logan with another gold!
Logan with another gold!

So to help fund Logan’s trip to the Netherlands – as we know, it’s not cheap to travel these days – Mario is running two concurrent competitions. One involving his exceptional craftsmanship and the other his knowledge of the Rhodes area and his skills as a trout guide.

The first comp has a custom built  Blue Halo 7’6″ 3/4 weight Fibre Glass Fly Rod up for grabs. A small stream wonder of a rod. Plus the rod will come with a custom painted rod tube that sports custom etched tube caps, your name custom painted on the tube, and comes wrapped in a custom rod bag with your name embroided on it!

Along with the rod, the winner will also receive a handmade curved Japanese landing net – see the photo of a yellowfish one.  The net has a soft mesh bag, custom turned rare-earth magnet clip, and will also have your name etched onto the throat of the net.

003 - custom_fly_rods_competition

And then there’s the guiding competition that has an all-inclusive weekend at Steepside Guest Farm in Rhodes. The guiding will be done by Mario and local legend Tony Kietzman.

If you’re interested in entering, follow one of the following links for all the details:

Rod and Net 

Guided Weekend

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