Wining and Trouting Mendoza

Wining and Trouting Mendoza

Mendoza is Argentina´s premier wine destination. It also boasts some stunning scenery and many gorgeous little trout streams. Generally overshadowed by the famous trouting destination of Patagonia to the South and the Dorado filled rivers of the North, the Mendoza trout streams don´t atract too much traffic.

With the fantastic help of Pablo ‘Polo’ Rossi at the Mendoza Fly Shop, we headed into the hills and spent a very relaxed four days at place called Historico Manzana (Historical Apple) in the Vallei de Uco sipping wine while the trout sipped our dries.

We caught rainbows and Brook Trout (which is a new species for me) and even got a lone brown. The wine was tasty, steaks large and juicy and fishing lovely!

Polo wishing us well from the door of The Mendoza Fly Shop

We spoilt ourselves with some local bubbly and steak!

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  1. Wow Fred, it looks beautiful out there! Wish we could pop over and have a little glassie and catch a little troutie with you : )


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