I love the Double Rapala knot shared by Leonard in his post of Double Rapala knot & Piano Wire knots for tigerfish.  The other exceptional method to create a loop in nylon coated wire and widely used by pike fishermen across Europe, is the melted loop method.  I intend to now couple this to the double rapala knot for pike. I first came across this method somewhere on YouTube, but cannot recall where.

Preparing several wire leaders 15-30cm long saves a lot of time on the water as they are quick to switch out.   I use the Lefty Kreh loop knot to attach the fly.  For my favourite flies, I also melt loop the fly on (see cover photo). No messing about on the water, just switch out the loop.

The melted method has never failed me and on the times that I have been forced to snap off the fly due to a bottom dwelling snag, the leader pops or the hook opens up.

Making the loop is simple. I like the partridge 49 strand brand as it is very limp and flexible.

Twist the wire 6 to 8 times, and heat the nylon with a lighter. Think Rare-Steak here… If you see smoke and fire start again. The nylon should nicely melt together and form a smooth surface.

Wait a few seconds for the nylon to solidify and then trim the tag end close. You can stop here, but I like to add a small piece of shrink tube so that algae and weed does not get wrapped up in the wire fibres that fray in the tag.

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