Scandinavian fly fishers, like filmmaker Rolf Nylinder and jazz musician Håvard Stubo, are predominantly sight fishing and dry fly purists. On a trip to South Africa in November 2023, the crew from Lemmel Kaffe learned to abandon the familiarity of their methods used in the Arctic Circle, and try fishing with the heathen “indicator” system. A film about that trip is currently being screened in Sweden and Norway, and to be released online in July 2024, for now you can watch the trailer here.

In the meantime, Rolf has been coming out of his winter depression, and using the shift in seasons to change his fly fishing tactics. In his latest entry of the Kokkaffe Diaries, he targets the orfe, a cyprinid species native to Europe. He uses some familiar South African yellowfish tactics in Sweden that he learned about when targeting the cyprinid yellowfish found in South Africa’s rivers. Watch the full film below, where Rolf uses his South-African-tied nymph to sight fish the spawning orfe. Also start generating some stoke for the release of his South African film, Marbotho. See both videos below.

Watch the trailer for Marbotho below.

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