Yuri Janssen’s Gangnam Style

Yuri Janssen’s Gangnam Style

I’ve been chatting to Yuri about flies and conditions in Lesotho. I’ve bugged him about flies, weather and what choices to make when. He has been awesomely obliging and has given me lots to think about. But the coolest advice was about a specific fly, and in an after thought, he sent me this gem. We’ll pick with the email:

“Hi Fred,

I have one particular fly pattern which I forgot to add to the list. It is an eclectic mixture borrowed from several successful patterns including Ed Herbst’s something struggling series, the elk hair caddis, Han’s Klinkhamer and the appendages of the madam X or any hopper pattern for that matter.

I first tied the pattern in November last year and as a result of an unusually reticent rainbow – having ignored a DDD, Stimulator and a Dave’s hopper – I decided to give this gaudy new pattern a whorl. The trout – a 22″ rainbow – rose and ate the fly in a classic head and tail rise without giving the fly any scrutiny whatsoever. On this same fly over the next 5 days we landed more Rainbows and yellows than I am going to admit to. It was only as a result of pure curiosity that we switched back to other patterns to see how they would fair in the same conditions.

The Gangnam Style fly.
The Gangnam Style fly.

After the trip, I wrote to Edward Truter telling him all about the fly and how it had been a huge success, although the only problem was that the ‘new’ pattern remained anonymous. Looking back through my journal I see that I initially referred to it as the X caddis, not a particularly fitting name at all,  and so I asked Ed to take a look at it and see what he could muster. Without any hesitation Ed said: “I have had the same problem as you have, only that I have had this great name and no fly to give it to!” And so the fly was named right there and then and Gangnam style it remains.  You may have read about it on Tom Sutcliffe’s blog.

Anyway, I have attached a Pdf with the materials and tying instructions for your perusal. It is not a straight forward pattern to tie and so I suggest you supplement and simplify where you see fit. I tied a bunch for last weeks trip and i’ll admit that they are a bit of a hack to tie but you will soon see why it is worth every step.

Happy tying!

All the Best,


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